Our Story

Urban Blends is the brainchild of three Kings:

a mother, a father and a son.

We are a true family business, born out of a love of the café culture, built on a wealth of experience and inspired by a tale of two countries.

The Kings owned and operated a celebrated café-restaurant in Australia, but after 18 years, their homeland called, and they returned to Christchurch where they launched Café King, a business supplying chai and chocolate drinks to cafes and roasters across the country. Their son Jimmy eventually came back to Melbourne, his city of birth, and with him came the industry experience and passion which would eventually lead to the creation of Urban Blends.

Bronwen King

A renowned New Zealand nutritionist, Bronwen’s resume includes roles as a television presenter, a chef, a café owner, a public health advocate, a teacher, a lecturer, a food writer for the Healthy Food Guide and Fairfax Media, and a chairperson for the Obesity Action Coalition. Currently, Bronwen is a healthy lifestyles manager with a large Primary Care organisation and coordinator of a Nutritionists-in supermarket-programme.
With such a broad range of experience, Bronwen’s expertise has been integral to the development of the Urban Blends range.

Jimmy King

Having learnt from his parents, Jimmy brought his expertise to Victoria, where he quickly made himself an indispensable part of the vibrant Melbourne café scene – both as an acoustic musician, and as a hospitality supplier.
Jimmy has designed specialty café drinks for wholesalers and craft coffee roasters throughout the city, working with some of Australia’s most respected coffee brands in the process. That’s when the inspiration for Urban Blends hit. Seeing the café-loving public’s enthusiasm for premium chai, chocolate and tea drinks first-hand, Jimmy re-teamed up with the family to create his range

About us

Malcolm King

 A born entrepreneur with a diverse business background, Malcolm has done everything from pioneer the use of video in French ski resorts, be first off the rank using digital photography at race tracks and conferences, and building and running an award-winning family theme-park.
It was his love of the hospitality sector that fueled his decision to start Café King when the family moved back  to New Zealand From that initial seed the Kings worked together to develop the Café King range of high quality drinks – including King Chai, now one of New Zealand’s most popular café beverages.