We are delighted to introduce our specialty non-coffee range:



Urban Blends is a father & son’s creation of naturally made, hand crafted café blends. With over 10 years in the coffee industry, we have taken inspiration from the vibrant and contrasting café scenes of both Melbourne and New Zealand to bring together a collection of seven of our specialty café blends into one range. A range we are very passionate about and excited to introduce to you!


Our creations use only ethically sourced high-quality  ingredients. Lightly sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, flavoured with Sri Lankan spices and dark, rich cacao, our hand crafted blends forgo additives and industrial sweeteners in favor of high quality, natural and organically sourced ingredients.


The result: An exciting range of natural, handcrafted blends that your customers will simply love.


Discover the positive impact and growth your café can achieve by offering

the Urban Blends range.


Discover Urban Blends!

Malcolm & Jimmy King